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Halloween Candy Donation

We Want Your Candy!

By Brianne Jones, RDH

We Want Your Candy...
but for a good cause!!

Bring us any leftover, unwanted candy by NOVEMBER 9th and you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win $50!! The Food Bank of the Rockies has partnered with CCDC in hopes to provide some yummy treats for those in need!

Halloween Tips

Spooky Candy

By Brianne Jones, RDH

Calling all ghosts and goblins!! Halloween is around the corner and we all know what that brings…CANDY, CANDY, and MORE CANDY!! A dentists NIGHTMARE! No need to stress about cavities if you make sure to eat those yummy treats in moderation and to maintain GREAT oral hygiene twice daily! Below are the spooky candies to avoid and the sweet treats to enjoy according to the American Dental Association. Take a minute to read them, and see why certain spooky treats are spooky for your teeth! Happy Halloween from Centennial Children’s Dental Center!


Chocolate is probably your best bet, which is good because it’s also one of the most popular kinds of candy handed out on Halloween. “Chocolate is one of the better candies because it washes off your teeth easier than other types of candy,” Dr. Ferraz- Dougherty says. “Dark chocolate also has less sugar than milk chocolate.”


Sticky and Gummy Candies

Be picky if it’s sticky. These are some of the worst candies for your teeth. “This candy is harder to remove and may stay longer on your teeth, which gives that cavity-causing bacteria more time to work,” Dr. Ferraz-Dougherty says.


Hard Candy

Hard candies are also ones to watch on Halloween. “They can actually break your teeth if you’re not careful,” Dr. Ferraz- Dougherty says. “You also tend to keep these kinds of candies in your mouth for longer periods of time so the sugar is getting in your saliva and washing over your teeth.”


Sour Candy

You might want to pass on things that make you pucker – especially if they are sticky and coated in sugar. “Sour candy can be very acidic,” says Dr. Ferraz-Dougherty. “And that acidity can weaken and damage the hard outer shell of your teeth, making your teeth more vulnerable to cavities.”


Popcorn Balls

Have some floss handy if you’re enjoying one of these fall favorites. “Kernels can get stuck in-between your teeth," Dr. Ferraz-Dougherty says. "They are also sticky, sugary and can be hard.”

Back to School!

By: Brianne Jones, RDH

Back To School!
School may have started this week (yipee), but it's easy to rush out the door not realizing your kiddos have forgotten to brush their teeth, and are munching on a yummy muffin or donut as they head to class! YIKES! CCDC wants to help make your life easier by reminding you of some healthier options, that will keep teeth strong and cavity free! This Tooth Snack Guide shows the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to picking the right snacks for your teeth! We know it's not realistic to always say, "NO" to all the yummy treats, but we hope you will choose Gatorade, cookies and fruit snacks in moderation! Go on...have a fantastic school year and remember, brush twice a day to keep the sugar bugs away!

Trick-or-Treat on Mainstreet

Brianne Jones, RDH

Come scare the CCDC staff this Halloween at the Trick-or-Treat on Mainstreet event in Parker! 


Kids (and adults of course) of all ages are encouraged to dress up and enjoy the festivities!
Well behaved dogs in costume are welcome too!

Mainstreet is frightfully fun with ghosts and goblins throughout the land… set off on a quest for sweets! Many of the shop owners all along East Mainstreet and and several local buisnesses will provide candy and treats for the little ones in your family.



All the booths will be open at 3:30pm and will close at 7:00pm on October 31st. 



The Parker Station Parking lot is offering free parking for the event for everyone. David A. Van Landschoot loves Halloween and always goes above and beyond to decorate the building to delight the kids of ALL ages, check your map app to get parking lot entrance off of Victorian Drive 19751 East Mainstreet, Suite 258. He is creating a hay maze for the kids and is planning a secret surprise on Halloween. Be sure to stop by and visit all the first floor businesses for tricks or treats. 

The PACE Center has authorized its lot to be used which is located at 20000 Pikes Peak Ave, Parker, CO 80138, There is street parking around the PACE Center and down Pikes Peak Court and Pikes Peak Drive.  

H2O’Brien Parking Lot will be open for use. 


5 Fun Facts About Dr. Jones

By Sarah Wellman - February 3, 2015

5 Fun Facts about the Dr. Jones

1.  Loves the Patriots, Red Sox & Celtics Sports Teams

2.  Has 1 brother, who is 12 years older

3.  Went skiing for the 1st time in his life on New Year’s Eve 2012… and fell a lot!

4.  Is VERY scared of snakes!

5.  Went to the same college that Michael Jordan went to- GO TAR HEELS!!