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Back to School!

By: Brianne Jones, RDH

Back To School!
School may have started this week (yipee), but it's easy to rush out the door not realizing your kiddos have forgotten to brush their teeth, and are munching on a yummy muffin or donut as they head to class! YIKES! CCDC wants to help make your life easier by reminding you of some healthier options, that will keep teeth strong and cavity free! This Tooth Snack Guide shows the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to picking the right snacks for your teeth! We know it's not realistic to always say, "NO" to all the yummy treats, but we hope you will choose Gatorade, cookies and fruit snacks in moderation! Go on...have a fantastic school year and remember, brush twice a day to keep the sugar bugs away!

5 Fun Facts About Dr. Jones

By Sarah Wellman - February 3, 2015

5 Fun Facts about the Dr. Jones

1.  Loves the Patriots, Red Sox & Celtics Sports Teams

2.  Has 1 brother, who is 12 years older

3.  Went skiing for the 1st time in his life on New Year’s Eve 2012… and fell a lot!

4.  Is VERY scared of snakes!

5.  Went to the same college that Michael Jordan went to- GO TAR HEELS!!