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Before A Dental Treatment Visit

By Brianne Jones - May 26, 2020

How should I prepare my child for their dental visit?

We recommend that parents never prepare their child for dental treatment with threats (“If you don’t behave they will pull your tooth out”) or scary language (“Shots,” “drills,” etc.).   This sets up a child to be fearful before they even get to the dental office.  Just let them know they are going to the dentist to have their tooth cleaned or to have the sugar bugs washed away. Dr. J and the CCDC staff know how to explain things in a way that is truthful and informative yet non-threatening.  Some children do benefit from clear expectations.  In this case, role playing or imaginative play can be helpful.  Play “Dentist” with your child.  Take turns being the dentist and the patient or using a stuffed animal or doll as a patient.  practice counting teeth, work on brushing sugar bugs with the toothbrush while laying down, and pretend to rinse and use the “straw” to suck up the water.  Reading books about dental visits can also be helpful.  Remember we want your child to love their visits and have a strong foundation for future visits!