Meet The CCDC Team

Each member of our team has been carefully selected to provide energetic and fun-loving service to all of our patients. When combined, there is over 93 years of dental experience. Our goal is to make you and your child feel right at home! Please become a fan of CCDC on Facebook to see more fun photos of our team!

Top, from left to right
: Sarah P., Sarah W.  
Bottom, from left to right: Sherri B., Dr. Jones, Erika, Amy, Amanda, Rita, Brittany

Front Office Staff Includes:

Sherri B. - Office Manager
Sarah W. - Treatment Coordinator & Marketing
Sarah P. - Insurance Coordinator

Back Office Staff Includes:

Erika - Dental Assistant 
Amanda - Dental Assistant 
Brittany - Dental Assistant
Amy - Clinical Manager
Liz - Dental Assistant (not pictured)

Staff Fun Facts


Office Manager
Favorite Movie:
Forrest Gump
In my spare time:
I LOVE being a grandma!
Fun Facts:
I have 3 dogs; Mookie Lou, Boots Anne & Bean.

Sarah W.

Surgery Coord. & Marketing Mgr.
Favorite Food:
Anything my grandma makes
Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing
Fun Facts: I am originally from Scottsdale, AZ. I have a pet French bulldog, who is VERY spoiled! I do not know how to whistle.

Sarah P.

Insurance & Billing
Favorite Movie:
Back to the Future
In my spare time:
I like to go hiking!
Fun Fact:
I have been riding dirt bikes since I was 5 years old.


Dental Assistant
Favorite Movie:
Finding Nemo
In my spare time:
I enjoy working out.
Fun Facts: I am originally from Las Vegas, NV. My favorite color is green and I love art. 


Dental Assistant
Favorite Food: Steak & Mashed Potatoes
In my spare time: I like hunting, fishing & spending time with my daughter.
Fun Fact: I can talk like Donald Duck.


Dental Assistant
Favorite Movie: Frozen
Random Facts: You may recognize me from Sweet and Sassy, I work there sometimes on the weekend.
Fun Fact: I have been a patient at CCDC since I was 5  years old.



Dental Assistant
Hobby: Drawing
In my spare time:
I enjoy hiking

Fun Fact:
I have 12 siblings! 


Clinical Manager
Favorite Food:
Fun Facts:
I have 5 wonderful kiddos!  I also have two pet ducks, Swoops and Sweetie.