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Most Common Areas For Cavities

By Brianne Jones, RDH - May 26, 2020

Common Places For Decay

It's extremely helpful to know where you're most likely to get cavities  - so you can target where you brush and floss.   Here is a list of the places you're most likely to get a cavity.

In the Grooves

On the chewing surface of your back teeth there are many grooves (called fissures) that run in the teeth as well as small holes or pits.  These are common places for cavities.

In Between your Teeth

In a normal mouth, all the teeth touch each other except for the ones all the way in the back.  In the area between the teeth, it is hard to fit a toothbrush and easy for plaque to grow and create a cavity, especially if you’re not flossing daily.

At the Margins

The margins of fillings, crowns, spacers, and other dental work aren't always as smooth as we’d like it to be.  This area, between the restoration and the tooth, is an easy place for plaque to grow.

Just Above the Gumline

This is a common place for cavities, especially for people who drink lots of energy drinks and soda because the acids in these drinks can pool around the gumline and attack the teeth, creating a cavity.