Meet The CCDC Team

Each member of our team has been carefully selected to provide energetic and fun-loving service to all of our patients. When combined, there is over 93 years of dental experience. Our goal is to make you and your child feel right at home! Please become a fan of CCDC on Facebook to see more fun photos of our team!

Front Office Staff Includes:

Brandee - Office Manager
Ana - Treatment Coordinator / Check-Out
Brittany - Insurance Coordinator / Check - In
Brianne - Marketing Director / Hygienist

Back Office Staff Includes:

Dr. C. Marc Jones - Pediatric Dentist/Owner
Casie - EDDA
Kaitlynn - EDDA
Gabrielle- Dental Assistant
Brittany - Dental Assistant
Silvia - Dental Assistant
Sarah - Dental Assistant

Staff Fun Facts


Favorite Sport:
Football (Raiders) and Baseball (Angels)
Fun Fact:
I was born and raised in California and I have 7 siblings!
If I won the Lottery, I would::
Travel all the time. All over the world!


Favorite Food:
If I won the lotto:
I would buy land and build an animal sanctuary.
Fun Facts:
I can milk a cow and I have played volleyball my whole life! My biggest pet peeve is when drivers do not use their turn signals!


Favorite Food:
Favorite Sport:  
Fun Facts:  
I served in the Marie Corps right out of high school and met my amazing husband. I love country music and the color purple!


Favorite Sport:
Favorite Animal:
Sea Turtle
Fun Facts: 
I am a proud dog mommy! Dentistry is perfect for me because I love teeth & LOVE to clean!


Favorite Food:
Cupcakes and pasta!
Favorite Animal:
Elephant and Monkey

Fun Facts:
I am bilingual and a native of Colorado! I wanted to become a dentist, so this career path is perfect for me!




Favorite Things:
Baking, cooking, getting my nails done and being outside!
Favorite Vacation Spot:
New Orleans and Florida
Fun Facts: 
I was born in Pueblo, Colorado and have an older brother and sister.


Favorite Food:
If I won the Lotto:
I would homeschool my two kiddos and start a small farm!
Fun Fact: 
I was a patient of Dr. J before working here! I loved the dental office and knew from a young age I wanted to be involved in the dental field.


Favorite Movie:
The Parent trap
Favorite Food:
Fun Facts: 
I am originally from California but am happy to be in Colorado now! Colorado is the perfect place to do what I love, HIKE!